If you’re newly engaged, you’re probably sifting through Instagram on your downtime, wondering how you’re going to make the wedding of your dreams come to life.

Overwhelmed with options, you’re feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Where do you begin the process of planning a wedding? Is all the gorgeousness you see in magazines really possible for you, too?

Your engagement season is one of the most special chapters of your life. Work-life balance is hard enough without adding hours of vendor communication, research and logistical planning to your daily schedule! 

Whether you identify with these initial hurdles and ready to make the best investment for your wedding by hiring a seasoned planner, or you’ve stumbled upon LHEvents for some inspiration, we’re glad you stopped by!


Serving brides from New York to Texas, our passion is telling love stories through meaningful celebrations. 

We believe planning a wedding is an exciting experience—one that provides us with the perfect opportunity to go above and beyond to serve your specific needs. We believe that your love story is the foundation in making your wedding meaningful, and of course, stunning.

Planning over two hundred weddings since 2013, we put our hearts and souls into our clients' planning experiences, treating each wedding as our own, and choosing like-minded industry partners to collaborate with for the perfect design that exquisitely reflects YOU.

Your dreams for your big day are extremely important to us, and we know that hiring a wedding planner is a big step, so we encourage you to contact us for an initial consultation...

                                  We can’t wait to chat! 


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Leslie Herring, principal Planner

Hello! I’m Leslie and I LOVE planning memorable moments. I’m so honored to play an important role in such a special day in couples’ lives. My interest in business and planning events began at a young age and grew into a passion that I pursued throughout my formal education (Boomer Sooner!).

I began my career in weddings on the editorial side of magazines and transitioned into planning shortly after. These experiences, coupled with a wedding planning certification, mentoring from some of the top planners in the world, and over two hundred weddings to date have been significant in my success in the wedding industry. 

Creating purposefully is something I enjoy diving into as I get to know my clients. 

I’ve learned that when we focus on the heart of each celebration, all the details come together beautifully. 

As a business owner and creative director, I work diligently, guiding my team as we serve our clients.

As any career-driven lady, I get a thrill from challenges and exciting opportunities. I value community and enjoy collaboration, often quoting one of my many mottos, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” 

I’m a Texan at heart, a Navy wife, and new mamma. Travel, worship music, books, pilates, strong coffee, good wine and close friends recharge my batteries. 

I thrive on multitasking and believe in living life with purpose - my favorite topic to chat about!

fast FACTS

1. New mamma
2. Travel junkie
3. Coffee obsessed


Morgan Davis, Planner

I'm Morgan and I'm thrilled that I get to contribute to and be a part of the ever-evolving wedding industry. I’m a natural organizer, planner and pursuer of excellence, so coordinating weddings was just meant to be! 

The past several years here at LHEvents, I’ve been able to explore my creativity through planning dozens of events. Through my countless hours of planning (and consuming crazy amounts of coffee with Leslie), I’ve learned that behind every beautiful bash is hard work, passion and organization. 

Although I love a good timeline and to-do list (I can be a bit Type-A), I also love the challenge of getting out of my comfort zone. There is always time for educational opportunities and fostering relationships!

There a few core sayings I love to live by both personally and professionally: kindness is intangible gold, positive thinking can provide you with a great solution, and laughter is great medicine

fast FACTS

1. Has a pup named Bear
2. Queen of organization
3. Engaged!

1. Currently writing a book
2. Lover of Moscow Mules
3. Newlywed!

fast FACTS

I believe life’s biggest moments are worth celebrating. After graduating from Oklahoma State with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration, I determined that my passion lies within event coordination.

For me, coordinating weddings means connecting with people and using my talents to bring their best day ever to life. I have had the pleasure of experiencing many aspects of the wedding which has given me a unique perspective on planning special events. 

I am a Colorado native but have connected with Oklahoma on a deep level. I aspire to be an avid traveler, as I believe seeing the world can mold you as a person. The best piece of advice I received my wedding day was to take a deep breath right before I walked down the aisle and to keep my eyes on my husband. It was the best moment and I am thrilled to help other couples experience such a sentimental day. 

Laurel Wilson, coordinating assistant